Day 122: mAKE SOME white wine sangria

Jesus, I should have written this before I started to drink it.  Today I made white wine sangria.  It contains some liquor. I made it with white wine ( Riesling) , grand marnier, orange slices, peach slices and Sprite. I’m not gonna lie, I might maybe possibly be drunk right now. That’s to be expected right?  Yes, of course it is. Here’s what I’m listening to right now:

Here’s what I’m reading about right now:


I feel like I should give you a recipe for my drink… really it goes like pour a bit of this and pour a bit of that…… you’re welcome.



Day 121: walk a different way to work

This doesn’t sounds like a big deal and it actually isn’t. I’m pleased to say this is something that causes me no anxiety whatsoever. It is different for me though because I walk the same route to work everyday. I leave at the same time and I pass the same people at the same points.

A 19th century horror movie has been filming the last week of so the next street over from me so today I thought I’d walk through the set. They’d covered the streets in dirt to make them look old. It was muddy and I regretted it.

I think changing your routine no matter how slight is a good habit to get into. It helps prepare you for larger changes that might come your way. Things like a new job, or moving away. Or moving away for a new job. But that would be crazy.