Day 127: Part 2!!!!!!

Two posts in one day WHAT?!!!!

I saw a lot of people today all because of slight changes I made in my day. Because I started my morning at the jail I left at a different time and walked a different way.  First I saw the homeless guy that’s usually on my corner out and about living life so we chatted a bit, then I saw a friend’s husband go by on his bike. On my way home I walked out a different door and saw some co-workers I haven’t seen in months.  I’ve never done this before but I stopped by a friend’s office on the way home to say hello and while I was there I saw two other people I knew. I left there and took my usual route home but I was behind schedule which caused me to walk by a girl I see every morning on our way to work.  I call her Mags, we talk now in the mornings but this was the first time I’ve ever seen her on my way home. We chatted for a bit and then I saw a guy I know from doing construction work around my building. 

If I hadn’t changed my day I wouldn’t have seen any of those people.  It was a real delight to see so many people that I knew and have pleasant but brief interactions with them.  Butterfly wings flapping everywhere today.

Now let’s all please take a moment to remember and appreciate this video:

Cocaine: not even once. 

Day 127: go to jail, really this time

Today was the day for my first visit to the depths of the prison to see a client. There were media trucks out front because the jail has been in the news the last couple of days. They’re not getting in though so maybe they just wanted to shoot with the jail in the background. The reception officer was actually nice and friendly which is unusual for them. My clearance pass was ready for me and the picture looks absolutely terrible. It was a maze of empty corridors and locked gates and elevators and will probably take me another time or two before I know my way around. The range itself was a sea of orange and men calling each other nicknames, that’s nice for them. It was quite uneventful really.

Now I’m back at the office and have reached a whole new low. Chips and dip at my desk.


I am a disgusting human being. My first try of Pepsi next as well. It’s not great, it tastes very close to diet pop which I hate. Thumbs down to you stevia!