January 15, 2015: take a phone call in a restaurant

Everyone knows it’s in poor taste to have your phone on in a restaurant or even to have it silently sitting on the table.

Last night I went to my favourite Mexican restaurant which is small and quiet. I consciously thought I should switch my phone to silent but I left it on in my purse. Before dinner arrived I heard it ringing ( ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone) it was my grandma, and when your grandma calls you you have to pick that shit up. I’m going to see her this weekend and she was calling to ask me what kind of pie I wanted her to make for me. I’m confident that no one could possibly object to me taking a grandma call regarding pie.

Day 136: Keep my phone dead

My phone battery died last night and I didn’t recharge it.  Usually I will never let it die completely because I don’t like to be without it.  I use it to do old people things like frequently check the weather and news, and then feed my addiction of keeping up with everything on facebook. It’s been almost 24 hours now since it’s been dead and I think I’ve kept it that way for avoidance.  Sometimes you just want/need to avoid the world.  Maybe I have texts and maybe I don’t.  Maybe it was someone’s child’s birthday on facebook and maybe it wasn’t.  A huge disaster might have befallen half of the world and  I am living totally oblivious to it.

Maybe avoidance isn’t the best coping strategy but for now, I have gone through my day believing that everything is right with the world.