Day 31: Go out too many times, realize you’re old

This is weekly recap day:

I find going out and interacting with people to be exhausting and as much as I enjoy doing it, I like to do so in moderation.  This week has been an exception to that and it’s been too much.  I don’t know what possessed me to think I could attend three concerts in one week.  Remember when I said I’m still hip, I’m still cool?  Well I’m not.   Mind you there were other things happening this week that led to my exhaustion however I think even without those things three concerts would still be too much.

By the end of tonight I will have eaten out five times and seen three concerts in five days.  I am too old for such shenanigans.  I bought my first tube of eye cream last week which is another sure sign that I’m becoming old. I don’t mind though, I don’t see anything wrong with wanting to snuggle with a blanket on the couch and watch Netflix. Oh and also maybe some champagne because it pairs really well with blankets and Netflix.

I decided to try my new watercolours AND markers today in the same picture.  TADA!


Day 30: Invest in yourself

Sometimes life gets a little bit crazy and it’s easy to get caught up in it and become overwhelmed. We can feel trapped, stuck and unhappy all at the same time and it can feel impossible that you’ll ever be able to get out. This week Bell ran their “Let’s Talk” campaign which promotes talking about mental health to help reduce the stigma and it also donates money to mental health agencies across Canada each time the message was shared on social media.  As much as I dislike Bell I commend them for their successful promotion of the subject which has reached people of all ages. This week the shares from social media raised over 5 million dollars.  In addition to that, their “Let’s talk” website has  provided links for local services and compiled resources for those who need them.

In the last year and a half I have become more aware of myself and my own needs to keep myself mentally healthy.  I have learned what my limitations are and recognized that I have to put myself first and provide my own self care before I can ever be of any good to anyone else. Self care looks different for everyone but it can include seeking support from others, medication, relaxing and taking the time to do things that you enjoy.  Sometimes it’s means recognizing when you’ve had enough, taking the day off work and watching 80’s movies.

Today as a part of my own self care I decided to invest in myself.  Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed, to help me focus and relax I like to do art.  I’m not very good, but that doesn’t matter because I like it. So today as an investment to myself I bought the crème de la crème of art markers. I have wanted them for years and as far as markers go, they are quite expensive so I’ve held out on buying them.  As luck would have it, the art store had them on sale and in addition to that sale you receive a 10% discount for being a student (or in my case having an alumni student card) It was meant to be. 

ImageIn the last couple of months I’ve been experimenting with watercolours at work.  I’ve never tried them before which is strange because growing up my dad always had loads of all the best brands of them in the house.   Here is one I did at work a couple of weeks ago.  It’s a bit peculiar but I apparently liked it well enough to hang it in my cubicle.

ImageSo in the spirit of self care and trying new things I also bought watercolours.  Since I’m not very familiar with watercolour techniques I decided that the cheap ones would be good enough for me. 

ImageI haven’t used them yet, but I’m glad that when the mood strikes me I can have the materials ready to sit down for hours and completely lose myself.

Day 29: give your stylist free reign

This sounds like a brave thing but really it’s not because I’ve known my hair stylist for many years and we’re friends. She is very adept at knowing what I do and do not like so by giving her free reign I knew She would give me something I liked. In the end I’ve ended up with a subtle ombré which I love.
In addition to giving her free reign I also forgot my wallet at home so I couldn’t pay. That’s another first. I’ll go back tomorow. Maybe 🙂

On another note a blonde girl winked at me in a restaurant tonight. Or maybe she just had something in her eye.

Day 28: Buy tickets to a secret concert

A small local venue is closing down and is hosting three send off parties with a different band each night; one tonight, one tomorrow night and another on Friday. The maximum capacity is 50 people and they’ve selected bands that have some kind of connection to them that are now big enough that wouldn’t play such a small venue anymore. The biggest part of all the shows is the fact that they’ve kept all the bands a secret.  Maybe it was the lack of concerts attended lately, or maybe the intrigue of who it would be that compelled me to buy tickets for all three nights.  All the proceeds went to the food bank though so maybe it was the charitable giver in me. Yes, that was it.  For CHARITY!!!!!!!   In all honesty I am thoroughly exhausted just thinking about going out on two consecutive work nights followed by one night off then out again.  I’m sure I can do it though, I’m still hip, I’m still cool.

I tried to have a nap when I got home but the redbull I had for breakfast this morning is still giving me the twitchy twitches so my brain and body wouldn’t allow it.

My predictions for the bands are as follows: (but really what do I know?!)

Tonight: Young Rivals (their black is good video just came out yesterday so the timing is right)

Tomorrow: The Arkells

Friday: USS or Tokyo Police Club

Wish me luck.

Day 27: Go out to dinner alone and don’t check your phone

I’ve been out to dinner by myself before, that’s not a first for me.  While I don’t do it often, I don’t mind it every now and then.  I am excellent company and I am certainly my favourite person to spend time with. I enjoy all the same movies and interests as myself and we laugh at all the same jokes.

Surprisingly most people I know have not actually gone out to dinner by themselves.  I think everyone should try it at least once.  Be confident when you ask for a table for one, enjoy the time with your own thoughts and savour your food.

Tonight was a toss up between Thai and Italian and in the end Italian won.  I walked in I asked for a table for one. “one?” “yes one”. Surely other people haven’t eaten alone before, I can’t be the first at that restaurant. 

I am a people watcher.  If I go out to dinner sometimes I will actually stop listening to the person I came with and watch and listen to other people around me.  I know this is a bad habit and I’m working on it, but still I like watching people.  This makes me an ideal candidate for solo dinning normally except tonight the restaurant was very quiet. There were a few people sitting close to me but they were behind a glass wall so I couldn’t make out how many of them there were or even if they were speaking English.   Shortly after I arrived a 50something arrived by himself and felt the need to explain that he was by himself because he was in the city for a few days on business. After examining the menu for a really long time he went straight to browsing his phone. I secretly felt better than him for being able to be alone.  Not checking my phone was hard though.  Now days we have gotten in the habit of checking our phones the first moment we are alone in public, like we can’t stand ourselves or are embarrassed at being alone. At one point I had almost convinced myself that I should check my phone just to be sure that I wasn’t missing any emergency situations.  Of course there weren’t any emergencies, and despite myself I didn’t check it. 

I spent my time drinking my wine and eating my pasta.  I’m a sucker for fettuccine alfredo from a restaurant and should probably learn to make it myself one day. It ended up being not too bad but I really need to find a good Italian place that provides freshly shaved parmasean.  If it comes from a shaker, you’re not a good restaurant.

I learned that the solo guy was a lawyer in the city for a hearing and he was a bit of a dick for taking a phone call and talking very loudly mid meal.

After it all I am very full, very cold for being outside in this weather after dark but also quite pleased with myself for pushing myself to not touch my phone.  It’s a small thing for some people but it’s a big thing for me.  Please don’t take it personally iphone. I still love you.

Day 26: Make a terrarium

I go on pinterest an awful lot but don’t actually follow through with making too many of the crafty things I pin.  Today was terrarium day which in all honesty I’m not even sure I saw on pinterest but it seems like something that belongs there. First I had to buy all my supplies:

Craft Store:  glass container. tube of plastic dinosaurs, paints (don’t forget to get the app for your local craft store and use the coupon!)

Pet store: rocks (aquarium gravel), moss (the reptile section)

Home store: soil and plants.

Here is the dumped out tube of dinosaurs.

ImageChoose an aggressor and a victim:ImagePaint them up so they look a bit less cartoony:

ImageWhile they were drying I made my terrarium.  Gravel goes in the bottom for drainage, then some moss for adsorption. I should have put in some charcoal but I couldn’t find any. I wasn’t really pleased with the plant selection, I was hoping for some smaller specimens but at this time of the year I couldn’t be too picky unless I went to a greenhouse. There was a nice little bonsai but it was $25 so I cheaped out and got the $2.49 tropical specials. In went the plants, topped the base with moss, sprayed it down a bit, added dinos and TADA!!ImageImage





Day 25: skip a day

I wasn’t feeling too great and I ended up sleeping in until 3pm. I was up for a couple of hours and then had a nap. I’m going to try to stay up for a movie and maybe go back to bed. All in all id say skipping a day almost entirely hasn’t been the most ambitious thing I’ve tried so far but it’s been kind of nice.