Day 1: Start a Blog

I’ve heard that in order to be successful, goals need to be measureable.  My goal for 2014 is to try something new everyday and to ensure that I’m accountable to follow through with it I’ve decided to start a blog.

Trying something new is especially challenging for me because I am quite lazy.  I’m perfectly okay with this fact.  My favourite activities involve sleeping, watching tv and browsing imgur. Trying new things tends to cause me anxiety and panic. Never say never but I expect I won’t be trying things like mountain climbing or skydiving. Baby steps.

And so today’s new thing is starting a blog. Unless it’s a business process or report, I don’t like people reading my writing. It makes me feel uncomfortable. I’m also not very tech savvy.  My favourite browser is internet explorer.  I know it, I like it. We’re friends. In fact this happens to be the second goddamn time I’ve written this because the first one disappeared to god knows where when I hit “preview”. I have no misconceptions about myself; my boring and very okay with it.  I know that it is possible that no one may read this and that’s okay because in the end this is for no one else but myself.

I like to plan so the thought that I don’t know what new thing I’ll be doing tomorrow makes me nervous. I’m open(ish) to suggestions and hope that I’ll have the odd friend join me along the way.

I’m going to CTL C this shit before I lose it again.

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