Day 2: Compliment 5 people

Last night I decided that in order to make my first day back to work after Christmas vacation a little more tolerable I would shower at night. While in the shower my power went out.  Lights, hot water and heat. By the light of my 42% battery remaining phone I dried off and found some clothes. I texted who I needed to get it fixed but there was no response.  I only have one candle which isn’t bright enough to do anything by so I threw an extra blanket on my bed and went to sleep early. It got very cold very quickly and to keep warm my cat slept on my face all night. It’s hard to sleep with a cat on your face.  Not liking change, I was worried all night that the alarm on my phone wouldn’t go off so I kept waking up at regular intervals to check the time. I have a strong distaste for tardiness and didn’t want to be late for work.  I woke up with still no power and very cold. I picked out my clothes and brushed my hair by the light of my now 27% battery remaining phone. I’d like to add that low remaining battery power with no available recharge options is another stressful situation for me. I checked my freezer, all my food had thawed.  Everything now needs to go in the garbage. I left for work with two men that I’d finally tracked down, working in my place.  I hadn’t checked the weather before I left.  It was snowing, windy and -26. I very quickly looked like this:


I was determined not to feel shitty all day long so on the way to work I listened to Rancid as loudly as I could and drank a bottle of coke as soon as I got to my desk. I chose not to tell anyone about my night and instead decided that my goal for the day was to compliment five people.  I didn’t want the compliments to be superficial like “hey you, great sweater vest” but instead have meaning and thought put into them.  I went out of my way to make sure the people I complimented were not ones that I usually interact with on a daily basis. The compliments I made were personal and detailed.  I told people about the skills they possessed that I admired and what their work meant to the clients they serve.

The results of course were not surprising.  Giving a genuine compliment to someone makes them feel great about themselves and boosts their spirits.  I spent my day focussed on the positives in people and it felt really good to make others happy. I had a really good day and am now going to throw all my food in the garbage.  I’m okay with that because it meant I got to guiltlessly pick up a burrito on the way home.  Burritos make me happy. I love you burrito.

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