Day 4: Absinthe

I’d like to be clear, it’s early in the day and I haven’t actually started my absinthe drinking yet. I wanted to give some history first and have what I believe to be a very legitimate concern about my ability to provide accurate information after I’ve started drinking.

Absinthe: A short history:

It began being made in the 18th century but didn’t become popular until the 20th century when it became a favourite amongst Parisian artists and writers.  It is derived from botanicals including wormwood and many herbs and spices.  It has been called “the green fairy” due to it’s colour and was storied to be a hallucinogen. It was banned in 1915 in North American and most of Europe. In 2000 Absinthe was permitted for sale again in North America.

I didn’t imagine that I’d have much selection at all but when I went to the store to buy it they had none.  They searched and told me there was none at all in the province.  I didn’t believe them and looked it up myself.  There was one very unconveniently located store in the city that carried it.  They only had one brand and one size.  Here it is in all it’s glory.


I’ll update again later once I’ve actually started to drink this.  I’ve heard it’s bitter and unpleasant.

7:34pm: I’m 2 drinks down.  I’ve learned that you shouldn’t smell it. Absinthe smells like industrial cleaner.  For my first drink I did the absinthe ritual, it seemed only fitting for my first time.  Here is the flaming sugar cube:


It actually tasted much better than I had expected.  The anise flavour was quite strong. It’s okay for sipping but down a lot and you will gag. Hard.  I’ve decided to switch it up and just use it as a mixer for cocktails.  1.5 drinks in I was thinking to myself “I feel nothing” but then I realized I was playing imaginary piano on the table with my fingernails.  It’s hard to say though, I might do that anyway.  TBC.


I don’t care where you are or who you are with, go to a mirror and sing this song to yourself right now

9:59pm: knee high socks.  chips and dip. home videos. yadda yadda.

The end.

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