Day 5: new food and drink

Today was lazy and boring, but good lazy and boring. I had a nap, watched cartoons, drew with the kids and connected with some people I care about, both in person and via text. I’m even too lazy to update on my computer so I’m laying down using my phone. I had zero ambition to try anything new that involved any effort. So on that note today’s new involved my favorite thing: food and drinking.
I took pictures but I can’t upload them in the right spot my phone. My computer is literally 6 feet away but I won’t get up.
Anyway, I made this fantastic dip I saw on Pinterest for nachos. It had diced avocado, tomatoes, feta, garlic, olive oil and salt. For good measure I added some onion. It was pretty amazing and I’m not embarrassed to say I ate the whole damn thing.
Over the holidays I was informed that presidents choice had come out with decadent chocolate pop. Ever since I’ve wanted to try it. I knew full well it probably wasn’t going to be good but I’ve been determined to try it anyway. I sat with the bottle in front of me tonight thinking that out of everything I’ve tried so far, this was the one I wanted to follow through with the least. I made the mistake of smelling it first. It was not good. I took a tiny sip and gagged three times. It tasted like cold, carbonated hot chocolate. I think it was worse than I had imagined. But it was only 99 cents!

If you’ve read this entire mundane post I salute you. You are a good person and Jesus loves you.



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