Day 7: exercise

I’ve realized a couple of things about myself over the last couple of days.  One is that I do not accept compliments well and the other is that I don’t like to get help from anyone. This is interesting to me because these are things I do often for other people both in my job and in my personal life. I like doing both of those things, it makes people happy. I don’t really feel like getting into further analysis about it, but in the end I decided that maybe if I was a bit happier with myself I would be able to more graciously accept compliments.  And so, I decided to exercise. I hate exercise. I’m lazy and it’s boring. To keep me entertained I knew I had to try something new and so I completed all 54 minutes of Carmen Electra’s Strip to Fit disc 1.  It wasn’t a particularly strenuous workout and her fake giggles every few minutes were painful but I did it. I think I probably looked a lot like this (minus the boy part)

54 minutes of exercise really isn’t going to make a difference so I might maybe possibly consider trying it again. I’ll work on the getting help from other people part another day because right now I’m going to eat a bagel with butter and cheese.  Maybe just half the bagel so I don’t make my workout pointless.  Just kidding. I’m eating the whole bagel.

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