Day 9: Fail at laundry

“they can’t all be exciting” – anonymous friend I was out drinking with tonight.

They’re right, everyday can’t be exciting.  The thought of doing something new every single day may have been over ambitious on my part.  Even if I was to do something new everyday, which I am determined that I will try my very best to do, they can’t all be exciting (let’s take last week’s nacho dip and chocolate pop for example) I love doing nothing and having a routine.  I find it comforting.

So it is with great pleasure that I announce tonight’s super ambitious and super exciting new thing (Drum roll.  DDDDddddddRRRRrRRRRrrrrrrr) Laundry!  That’s right, laundry.  Not just regular laundry though, laundry at the laundromat.  I have done laundry at a Laundromat  a grand total of twice in my life.  The first was when I was travelling to the east coast with my parents for three weeks.  They like to camp so that’s what we did.  Maybe that’s why I don’t like camping that much anymore. Once we camped in gaspe Quebec at Rocher Percee.  There was a hurricane coming and my mother wanted to stay in a hotel for just that one night.  My dad insisted that we would be fine.  That was one of the first nights that I slept in my own tent, on the night a hurricane was hitting.  That night the wind was terrifying and my tent ended up collapsing on me. That part has nothing to do with laundry, it just reminded me of the Laundromat we visited during that trip.  We spent many hours in a campground while I played solitaire over and over again.  It wasn’t so bad.  The second time I did laundry in a Laundromat was when I had moved into my first apartment. After the first load I put in the washer I went back to my apartment which was right across the hall.  When I returned mere minutes after the load was due to end, I found my wet clothes laying on a table with a man nearby putting his laundry in machine.  The short version is that I was unhappy with his behaviour and yelling ensued.  He almost hit me and I never used a Laundromat again.

My hamper is currently very full of laundry.  I could really use some clean clothes and so I decided tonight was the night I would revisit the Laundromat. I packed up my hamper with what I believed to be one load.  I hoped it would be some kind of Big Bang Theory experience and I would meet a Sheldon type man to entertain me while I washed and folded my delicates.  When I got there there was one man.  He told me the washing machine had left his clothes soaking wet.  That load was on it’s fourth round in the dryer at the cost of $5.  I walked away. Dirty clothes aren’t that bad.

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