Day 10: Win something

Sometimes you win things with luck and sometimes you win things with effort. Either way, I don’t win things very often.  Although I’m sure it’s been more, I can only remember winning three things.

When I was younger there was a big aquarium store nearish to my house and they had a monthly colouring contest with the winner receiving a $50 gift certificate. My masterpiece won but unlike a normal child I did not choose fish.  I chose crabs. I picked three fiddler crabs and called them Bach, Beethoven and Vivaldi. Sometimes I like to tell people that I used to have crabs because I forget that it doesn’t sound as awesome as I think it does.

In 2001 I went to the casino and put a loonie in a slot machine and won $100 right away.  I cashed out and proudly took several pictures of myself and my $100 bill. The last thing I remember winning was a 50/50 at work over five years ago.  I think I won about $160 and I was pretty pleased with that too.

It’s been about five years with no winning.  I was due. Today my team and I were invited to lunch with the mayor, city manager, executive directors and all the other nominees for the City Manager’s Award for Public Service Excellence. Each team and individual nominee was proudly talked about by their own division’s director. I learned a lot about other divisions and some of the great work that they do. One story that was told was about a woman who was sitting in her wheelchair in the pouring rain waiting for a bus.  A city employee drove by her, stopped the vehicle and stood beside her holding an umbrella over her until the bus arrived.  That is just one example of many of the exceptional things that people in the public sector do to serve.  After many speakers our team was announced as the winners.  There were screams, clapping and a standing ovation. It was like the academy awards of municipal employees.  It was nice to be recognized outside of our program for the work that we do.  We were beyond happy, there were hugs and high fives (which we saved until afterwards, we wanted to be gracious winners) It was an amazing day.  I felt lucky and so a lottery ticket was in order for tonight.

After the ceremony I was creepily approached by a girl who told me she bought my house downtown from me several years ago.  She still lives there.  On Monday I might email her and ask for my house back.

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