Day 13: Don’t say anything negative

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
―     Abraham Lincoln

I pride myself on being a fairly positive person however there are on occasion things I will say that may not be the most helpful or encouraging. I decided today would be a day to keep anything negative I had in my head and choose to share only the positives.

I chose today purposely knowing that it would be my first day of training on our new computer system at work.  I have been in my job for 9.5 years and used the same system the entire time. The original system took months if not years to master and I have become accustomed to the order in which I input things and the layout as it appears. I do not like change.  When the weather network recently changed their format it caused me distress for days.  I fully acknowledge that this is silly and illogical however in the end I don’t get to choose what makes me anxious.

I spent more than half of today in a freaked out state of crazy however I think I did a fantastic job at concealing it. I tried to focus on all the aspects of my job that would not change.  The legislation and the way I treat people will remain the same.  The data collection and input which in all honesty means the least to me is the only part that will change.  I focused on the good part of the new system. The software developers have worked for literally years in trying to make this off the shelf system work best for us and the needs of our participants and I believe that there will be some positive changes that will make my job easier in the end.

I think I’ve gotten over the crazy part of the day and actually ended my training today feeling good about it.  If I can just get through the next three months of training……….

On a completely separate note, a big thank you to everyone who has provided their feedback on the blog in the last week.  I’m so pleased to hear from those who have enjoyed reading it and from those who have decided to try some new things in their own lives.  It’s always challenging to open ourselves to new things but in the end we are all the better for trying.

Please feel free to laugh at my new guilty pleasure song:

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