Day 14: Talk to strangers

I’m very tired so this will be as short and sweet as me (not only do I accept compliments from others now but I apparently give them to myself as well)

I’ve talked to strangers before, this isn’t entirely new however typically I am more inclined to initiate conversations with strangers while I’m in a social setting where there may or may not (but mostly may) be alcohol involved. I can easily be somebody’s new best friend and then say goodbye and never see them ever again.  Now that I think about it, there’s a certain appeal to that.  I didn’t plan today to be talk to strangers day.  In fact I didn’t plan what to do today at all, it just sort of happened.  There were two guys on the street that I initiated conversations with.  One guy had a two dogs with only one dog wearing a sweater.  I started talking to him but only because I wanted to pet his dogs. The other one was carry a key ring in his hand with about two hundred keys on it.  I only started that one because I wanted to know why anyone needed that many keys. He didn’t tell me.

The last guy talked to me first.  He asked me for change.  I’ve decided to stop being bullshit when people ask me for change.  None of this “I don’t have any” garbage unless I actually don’t have it.  If it’s in my wallet without a designated purpose I am either going to give it or tell them I just don’t want to and I know I’ll never tell anyone I just don’t want to. So I gave him the small amount of change that I had. and he started talking to me and walking with me.  I was in no rush and had no reason not to talk to him so off we walked together. We talked about his family and my family and about the things that were frustrating to him right now. He said lovely things about me and made me smile more than I had all day. It only took 5 minutes out of my day but probably meant much more to him.  I don’t know him or what he’s been through but in the end you never really know what someone is dealing with in their life.  The kindness you show to someone might be the most contact they’ve had with anyone all week. It might make all the difference to them in that moment. And so I will continue to try my best to be positive, kind and thoughtful to everyone I meet.  Someone’s happiness means more than my time.

Random suggestion time: Watch the movie “Mary and Max”. It is a lovely Claymation.

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