Day 15: Make coffee

Hi!  I’m thirtysomething and have never made coffee.  Hi thirtysomething!

I grew up in a coffee family.  Not only did my father grind his own coffee beans, but he made his own grinder. There was a pot of coffee on every single day but despite that I never liked it.  My grandparents have a pot on at all times which now that I think of it explains why they can stay up later than I can.

Since I don’t like it I never felt the need to know how to make it.  I have miraculously avoided it in our work groups over the past couple of years.  Today during a group I let my secret out.  One of the participants brought me aside and said “you’re going to learn how to make coffee”. I never knew how much water to put it, I don’t really know how I went so long without understanding that if you’re making a pot of coffee, you need to add a pot of water. So I now know how to make coffee.

Making coffee is something I finally know how to do, but what was most important for me was to remember that everyone has something to contribute.  The man who taught me how to make coffee knew something I didn’t know and he was eager to show me.  It was meaningful to him to share that skill with me.  In my work environment as much as we try to change it, the staff are in a position of power over the participants and so for that moment we were able to flip that around and that was helpful for both of us.

My cat is throwing tomatoes on the floor and needs to be stopped.

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