Day 17: watch 80’s movies

I missed out on the 80’s completely. We didn’t have cable and my parents were very particular about the shows I could watch on the three channels we could get (four if you tilted the rabbit ears just so and added tinfoil to the end of the right one). The music we listened to was classical, oldies or religious. Those were the options.
I remember in school all the girls talking about and singing the new kids on the block whom I had never even heard of.

And so today in an effort to enhance my 80’s pop culture awareness I watched nothing but 80’s movies all day. The clothes were bold, the hair big, the acting terrible and the music nothing short of epic. And oh the one liners! “I was born ready” -Kurt Russel.
“I hate to advocate drugs or liquor, violence or insanity to anyone, but in my case it’s worked.” – Bill Murray.

I think I’m going to bring back the 80’s.

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