Day 18: have the best bath ever

I spent most of my day like this:

( phone won’t let me upload so imagine a japanimation of a sad girl curled up in a ball)

I am tired of feeling like that so I’ve set up a painfully hot bath. It’s so hot that I’m red and may have lost a layer of skin. I added a shit ton of bubble bath AND a bath bomb!! Worst case scenario I don’t feel any better but I will be soft and smell delicious. There’s a mimosa beside me and I’m listening to the Gossip- music for men album.

If anything at all is going to help it’s going to be the wind up frog race that’s about to happen. Wind up frog vs shit ton of bubbles. GO!

( there is also a picture of my wind up frog surrounded by a shit ton of bubbles. You’ll have to trust me)

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