Day 21: Don’t wear makeup

Do you ever see something on the sidewalk and wonder if it’s a rotten vegetable or decaying animal?  I saw something today and it was either a tomato or a bat. This has nothing to do with today’s topic, I was just wondering.

I don’t wear very much makeup, at least compared to most other girls. Aside from the odd stray sparkle it’s possible that people may not know that I wear it at all, especially men.  I think that unless you look like this they don’t notice at all:

ImageI do wear it to work everyday though and I feel more confident with it on.  It is a sad state of affairs when girls feel better when they’ve got something fake on their face but what can you do?! I’m ashamed to admit that I love seeing the Stars without makeup features in magazines. Like I really love them. The more normal/hideous they look the happier I am. It would be great if there could be a stars without makeup app that you could look at every time you felt shitty.  Maybe there is, I’ll check. There is but only for Android.  Holy shit look at Katy Perry!  HA! YES!!!!

I was expecting comments from my co-workers like “you look tired” or “are you feeling okay?”.  These are both things I’ve heard before when I’ve been makeupless.  Today however no one said anything.  Either I looked gross and people were too nice to say anything or maybe I actually look just fine without makeup. It could go either way. in the end it really only matters what I think.  And right now I think I’m going to go on the internet and look at pictures of stars without makeup. Oh Mila sweetie, look at you.  Thank you.

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