Day 22: Try to meet some new friends

Sometimes your day doesn’t go as you had planned.  I wanted to leave work at a normal time and follow through with plans I had made right on the dot of 4:31pm.  Instead I spent 4.5 hours with a very talkative client in the emergency psychiatric treatment department at the ER. I was there until 6:30pm. During that time I met and interacted with 9 different hospital professionals mixed in with hours of straight conversation and one to one support of my client.  I hate to complain because I’m grateful that he trusted me enough to discuss his suicidal thoughts and that he felt as though he needed me to be with him the whole time but I am exhausted.  Socializing for that many consecutive hours is exhausting to begin with let alone speaking to someone who is suicidal and needs support and counselling. I’m not sure why my clients only ever disclose suicidal plans in the afternoon.

As tired as I am from work and from then following through with my pushed back plans I have made a commitment to myself to try something new each day and so I must still follow through with it.

I don’t have many female friends, and of the ones I do have I don’t really have many who share the same interests as me.  I can find a guy to go to a concert with me, but a girl?  Hells no. As a full on grown up really the main options we have for meeting new friends are at work and through existing friends.  I feel like I’ve exhausted those resources and it’s time to take further action so tonight I signed up with and joined a group of what appears to be quirky girls that like to go out and drink.  This is the photo they use for their group page:

ImageIt’s like they know me. It happens that the next night out I already have plans which I guess buys me a bit of time to get over my crazy anxiety about meeting a group of complete strangers. It’s terrifying really.

I kind of want to go eat cheese in my snuggie now.

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