Day 23: Watch a foreign film

I don’t know why we call them foreign films instead of foreign movies.  Watch something foreign and all of a sudden you feel like you have the right to be fancy. I think I watched a French porn once.  I was young and we didn’t have cable.  I was up late and and flipping through the fuzzy UHF channels frantically adjusting the rabbit ears.  I’m sure the volume was down low so I didn’t get caught.  It was probably so fuzzy you could barely see an elbow but I was dedicated to my language development none the less.

I made sure I didn’t choose a French film for tonight because I understand too much of it that I wouldn’t have needed to read the subtitles. I expected the movie to be boring and probably make me fall asleep.  Maybe I was just looking for an excuse to have an evening nap.  I picked a Spanish film (fancy!) called Una Noche.  Sometimes the narrow white font was a bit hard to read and when I paused it the Netflix bar was directly over the words which was frustrating but it was really good.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and will probably give foreign films a second go on account of how good this was one.

buenas noches.

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