Day 26: Make a terrarium

I go on pinterest an awful lot but don’t actually follow through with making too many of the crafty things I pin.  Today was terrarium day which in all honesty I’m not even sure I saw on pinterest but it seems like something that belongs there. First I had to buy all my supplies:

Craft Store:  glass container. tube of plastic dinosaurs, paints (don’t forget to get the app for your local craft store and use the coupon!)

Pet store: rocks (aquarium gravel), moss (the reptile section)

Home store: soil and plants.

Here is the dumped out tube of dinosaurs.

ImageChoose an aggressor and a victim:ImagePaint them up so they look a bit less cartoony:

ImageWhile they were drying I made my terrarium.  Gravel goes in the bottom for drainage, then some moss for adsorption. I should have put in some charcoal but I couldn’t find any. I wasn’t really pleased with the plant selection, I was hoping for some smaller specimens but at this time of the year I couldn’t be too picky unless I went to a greenhouse. There was a nice little bonsai but it was $25 so I cheaped out and got the $2.49 tropical specials. In went the plants, topped the base with moss, sprayed it down a bit, added dinos and TADA!!ImageImage





One thought on “Day 26: Make a terrarium

  1. Is a terrarium where dinosaurs come back to life? Well at least the winner, that is. If so, good idea not picking one that can fly!

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