Day 27: Go out to dinner alone and don’t check your phone

I’ve been out to dinner by myself before, that’s not a first for me.  While I don’t do it often, I don’t mind it every now and then.  I am excellent company and I am certainly my favourite person to spend time with. I enjoy all the same movies and interests as myself and we laugh at all the same jokes.

Surprisingly most people I know have not actually gone out to dinner by themselves.  I think everyone should try it at least once.  Be confident when you ask for a table for one, enjoy the time with your own thoughts and savour your food.

Tonight was a toss up between Thai and Italian and in the end Italian won.  I walked in I asked for a table for one. “one?” “yes one”. Surely other people haven’t eaten alone before, I can’t be the first at that restaurant. 

I am a people watcher.  If I go out to dinner sometimes I will actually stop listening to the person I came with and watch and listen to other people around me.  I know this is a bad habit and I’m working on it, but still I like watching people.  This makes me an ideal candidate for solo dinning normally except tonight the restaurant was very quiet. There were a few people sitting close to me but they were behind a glass wall so I couldn’t make out how many of them there were or even if they were speaking English.   Shortly after I arrived a 50something arrived by himself and felt the need to explain that he was by himself because he was in the city for a few days on business. After examining the menu for a really long time he went straight to browsing his phone. I secretly felt better than him for being able to be alone.  Not checking my phone was hard though.  Now days we have gotten in the habit of checking our phones the first moment we are alone in public, like we can’t stand ourselves or are embarrassed at being alone. At one point I had almost convinced myself that I should check my phone just to be sure that I wasn’t missing any emergency situations.  Of course there weren’t any emergencies, and despite myself I didn’t check it. 

I spent my time drinking my wine and eating my pasta.  I’m a sucker for fettuccine alfredo from a restaurant and should probably learn to make it myself one day. It ended up being not too bad but I really need to find a good Italian place that provides freshly shaved parmasean.  If it comes from a shaker, you’re not a good restaurant.

I learned that the solo guy was a lawyer in the city for a hearing and he was a bit of a dick for taking a phone call and talking very loudly mid meal.

After it all I am very full, very cold for being outside in this weather after dark but also quite pleased with myself for pushing myself to not touch my phone.  It’s a small thing for some people but it’s a big thing for me.  Please don’t take it personally iphone. I still love you.

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