Day 28: Buy tickets to a secret concert

A small local venue is closing down and is hosting three send off parties with a different band each night; one tonight, one tomorrow night and another on Friday. The maximum capacity is 50 people and they’ve selected bands that have some kind of connection to them that are now big enough that wouldn’t play such a small venue anymore. The biggest part of all the shows is the fact that they’ve kept all the bands a secret.  Maybe it was the lack of concerts attended lately, or maybe the intrigue of who it would be that compelled me to buy tickets for all three nights.  All the proceeds went to the food bank though so maybe it was the charitable giver in me. Yes, that was it.  For CHARITY!!!!!!!   In all honesty I am thoroughly exhausted just thinking about going out on two consecutive work nights followed by one night off then out again.  I’m sure I can do it though, I’m still hip, I’m still cool.

I tried to have a nap when I got home but the redbull I had for breakfast this morning is still giving me the twitchy twitches so my brain and body wouldn’t allow it.

My predictions for the bands are as follows: (but really what do I know?!)

Tonight: Young Rivals (their black is good video just came out yesterday so the timing is right)

Tomorrow: The Arkells

Friday: USS or Tokyo Police Club

Wish me luck.

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