Day 30: Invest in yourself

Sometimes life gets a little bit crazy and it’s easy to get caught up in it and become overwhelmed. We can feel trapped, stuck and unhappy all at the same time and it can feel impossible that you’ll ever be able to get out. This week Bell ran their “Let’s Talk” campaign which promotes talking about mental health to help reduce the stigma and it also donates money to mental health agencies across Canada each time the message was shared on social media.  As much as I dislike Bell I commend them for their successful promotion of the subject which has reached people of all ages. This week the shares from social media raised over 5 million dollars.  In addition to that, their “Let’s talk” website has  provided links for local services and compiled resources for those who need them.

In the last year and a half I have become more aware of myself and my own needs to keep myself mentally healthy.  I have learned what my limitations are and recognized that I have to put myself first and provide my own self care before I can ever be of any good to anyone else. Self care looks different for everyone but it can include seeking support from others, medication, relaxing and taking the time to do things that you enjoy.  Sometimes it’s means recognizing when you’ve had enough, taking the day off work and watching 80’s movies.

Today as a part of my own self care I decided to invest in myself.  Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed, to help me focus and relax I like to do art.  I’m not very good, but that doesn’t matter because I like it. So today as an investment to myself I bought the crème de la crème of art markers. I have wanted them for years and as far as markers go, they are quite expensive so I’ve held out on buying them.  As luck would have it, the art store had them on sale and in addition to that sale you receive a 10% discount for being a student (or in my case having an alumni student card) It was meant to be. 

ImageIn the last couple of months I’ve been experimenting with watercolours at work.  I’ve never tried them before which is strange because growing up my dad always had loads of all the best brands of them in the house.   Here is one I did at work a couple of weeks ago.  It’s a bit peculiar but I apparently liked it well enough to hang it in my cubicle.

ImageSo in the spirit of self care and trying new things I also bought watercolours.  Since I’m not very familiar with watercolour techniques I decided that the cheap ones would be good enough for me. 

ImageI haven’t used them yet, but I’m glad that when the mood strikes me I can have the materials ready to sit down for hours and completely lose myself.

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