Day 59: introduce the kids to a classic movie

I love classic movies. People were pleasant, wore nice clothes and poured themselves a stiff drink after work.
My children however are accustomed to highly computerized animation full of effects and questionable humour. They need to see and appreciate the classics and so their first introduction is Mary poppins. It’s started and so far has fully engaged them. Chim chimney chim chimney chim chim cheree!

Day 58: accept the fuckits

No one can be positive and happy all the time and today I have a bad case of the fuckits. On days like these having normal people conversations and pleasantries are exhausting. I had something small and new planned for this evening but fuckit. I choose my take out food and episodes of archer.

Day 57: It’s okay to say no

I’m a yes girl.  If someone asks me for help I will say yes. If someone asks me to be on a committee I will say yes. If someone asks me to go out and do something I will say yes. Im not sure why I always say yes, maybe it’s because I’m a people pleaser. I don’t always agree with people’s opinions though especially at work and I think that has amongst other things occasionally made me a target at work for gossip and other such cattiness. Maybe I’m just trying to keep the people who actually do like me to stay on my side. 

I am slowly learning though that you can’t always say yes to everything because if you do you will become burnt out. Saying no doesn’t mean you don’t like the person that you turned down, it just means you like yourself more and that’s okay.  I have made plans with people in the past and will spend an entire day or more leading up to the agreed upon activity completely dreading it and wishing that I was instead laying on my couch. And so tonight I will be with my couch.  We have a wonderful relationship and it gets very jealous when I see other people.

Ammedment to yesterday’s post:

Fruit salad is not enough for dinner.  I allowed myself to get to the point where I was so hungry my brain just said “you don’t have time to make anything, we need something NOW!”  And so it with great shame that I admit that I ended up with a bag of garlic croutons in one hand and a bowl with olives and a pickle in the other. 

Day 56: Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper

I don’t think there is any debating the logic of starting your day with a large meal and having them be progressively smaller throughout the day.  It makes all kind of sense based on our body’s need for fuel throughout the day and less so during the evening when let’s be honest I am mostly horizontal.

Today for breakfast I ate scrambled eggs with cheese and vegetables, potatoes and beans.  I felt good all morning and didn’t start feeling hungry again until 11:30.  My lunch was a sandwich on multigrain bread and for dinner I ate a fruit salad of oranges, strawberries and kiwi.  If I had it, a few cubes of nice cheese would have made the whole thing even more delightful. I completely bypassed the need for any snacks at all today. Keep in mind though it’s currently 4:45pm so I suspect in a couple of hours I will need a tiny smackerel of something to get me through.

I am quite pleased with my food choices and felt good all day however the practicality of starting the day off with a big meal is not optimal.  If I’m going to make any efforts toward having this be my new norm it will require some planning and readjusting of my sleep schedule.  It’s tough really because I love sleeping, but maybe I’d be willing to get up earlier for food.  I also love food. FWP.

Day 55: You’re not a dog so don’t reward yourself with food. Just kidding, food is awesome and you deserve it

Today didn’t go exactly as I had planned.  I brought my workout clothes so I could run the stairs (What what?! strange but true I know) and went on to the Tim Horton’s website so I could choose the most nutritionally favourable lunch option but something came up and I didn’t have time to do the stairs or get anything for lunch.  That in combination with some professional milestones reached made me feel like I deserved something awesome for dinner.  Aforementioned milestones are that my 9 year old commissioners stamp finally ran out of ink, and I finished a box of 5,000 staples today.

All in all I’d say I’m pretty damned deserving of some good food rather those two day old leftovers that I was going to eat. If this was a month ago I probably would have bought nachos and cheese or chips and dip and eaten most of them and called it dinner however I have given up nacho cheese and chips (for now, I won’t pretend that I’ll never eat them again)  All afternoon I was thinking about a burrito so that is what I got.  It’s a lot of food but at least it’s all healthy, and i’ll probably just have water with it so that’s good right?  Yes, I’d say so. I can’t believe this but I actually left my burrito on the counter so I could write this first.  My burrito is sad and needs me.

Day 54: Wake early on a Sunday for sports

I like waking up without an alarm clock, it’s a real delight but today I set my alarm for 6:20am.  It’s was the Olympic hockey gold medal game for Canada and Sweden and I’m sure that at least 50%  of the country woke up purposely to watch it.  That statistic is purely made up of course. Tim Horton’s was busier than usual and the neighbours were awake.

I’m not going to lie, I did it mostly for the food. ImageImageNow that’s it’s over there are horns honking and happy people.  Good Sunday I’d say.


Day 53: Let a stranger choose your next novel

As with my musical taste I enjoy a broad spectrum of literature.  I can’t say that I have a favourite author or even genre, I am open to reading new things. Of course I have some books that I have enjoyed more than others but it’s a rare event when I dislike a book so much that I don’t finish it. That I can think of this has happened only once and that was “The Shack”.  Sometimes books don’t interest me that much and I’ll just kind of leave them sit on my bedside table for so long that I have forgotten what I’ve already read so I just don’t pick it up again.

This afternoon I went into a lovely little privately owned new and used bookstore. There were a couple chairs at the front by the window and randomly placed antiques, art and oddities. I browsed for about 10 minutes while having a conversation with my talkative five year old companion which was clearly audible to the owner since we were the only ones in there.  I asked the owner what her favourite book in the store was and she said it was an early edition Hemingway which she had just sold the day before. I told her I wanted to choose my book for me.  She took a few minutes of thinking and looking around and chose a book called ” lullabies for little criminals” for me.  I was going to buy it regardless but I glanced over the back cover to see that one of the characters is addicted to heroin.  Given my work she made a very fitting choice for me.  Although the book looks new it obviously isn’t because the price was $8.50 instead of the marked price of $17.50 on the back cover.  I am very much looking forward to starting it.