Day 32: Read the bible

I grew up in a religious household and went to a Penticostal church every Sunday both to the morning and evening service. I preferred the evening service because less people went, you could dress more casually and afterwards we would often to go to Taco Bell drive thru on the way home. I went every Sunday because I didn’t feel like I had a choice.  One Sunday in my teen years I said I was sick so I could stay home which was a very effective way to sleep in and rest all day.  My Sunday sicknesses began to increase as did my boldness and one day I stopped lying and simply said I didn’t want to go. Since then I’ve only been a handful of times to weddings and funerals.

I don’t hate church. I think at the most basic of levels the majority of people that go practice kindness to others, appreciation and have a giving nature.  These are all characteristics that I value in people however I don’t feel like you have to go to church to be a good person.  There are some things in the Christian and Catholic church (which I’ve been to a handful of times) that I disagree with, but there just might be a church out there with more modern views that I actually enjoy, who knows?

Today I chose to read some verses that speak to homosexuality, Genesis 19 mostly.  I noticed in all the verses that I read that they use vague terms like “laying with” and “sharing seed”, I guess that’s the bible way of saying sex. There is also a distinct lack of mention of gay women, it’s always men.  Genesis 19 goes something like this:

There is a guy called Lot and Lot has a couple of man friends visiting him from out of town.  Man friends must have walked passed the village square where all the gay men hang out because the next thing you know there is a mob of gay men surrounding Lot’s house demanding that he let them have a go with his man friends. Lot says, no dudes that is a disgusting sin, please take my two virgin daughters instead and do what you want with them.  Gay mob gets angry and tries to break down the doors, an angel or one of the man friends makes them all blind so they can’t find the door to break in.  Gay Village is destroyed the next day. The end.

I have a few problems with this chapter.  The first is that the gay mob is angry. I’m pretty sure that a gay mob would be fabulous with the best robes and sandals in the entire village.  The next problem I have is with Lot.  He thinks having gay sex is a sin but offering up not one but TWO of his daughters to be pillaged is entirely okay. Not only would it be sex out of wedlock but it would be rape, surely that is just as much of as sin as gay sex no? The last problem I have is that the gay mob is so determined to get these two new man friends to have sex with that they surround the house and try to break in.  You’re a gay mob! There are willing men wanting to have sex in your own mob, why go to so much effort to break into a house?

It seems to me that for all the bible is supposedly meant to be non-judgemental there is an awful lot of stoning and burning to death going on.  I don’t know how a religion of peace and support could be based on hatred and murder. It doesn’t make any sense.  Maybe I should look into Buddhism.

One thought on “Day 32: Read the bible

  1. Actually . . . any ‘burning’ was after the person was dead. Kinda’ like people who have their bodies cremated today. Burning a live person is disgusting. To you. To me. To God.


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