Day 33: Watch the superbowl

I am the self proclaimed anti-sport. Gym was my least favourite subject in school and I dreaded it, especially football.  Not only was there a scary ball flying towards your head but it was a pointy scary ball.  I purposely would run near the opposition so I would never ever be open and have the ball thrown to me.

I have never seen a superbowl before so I thought my first one should be done properly.  I know nothing about the rules or which team is better but I thought I should do a proline ticket.  I had to ask a guy who was also playing how to do it because I had no idea.  Here are my picks…. apparently Detroit already made me a loser.


I don’t like beer so I chose the next best thing, Corona MargaritasImageSnackadiums are all the rage on Pinterest, so here is mine:ImageWhile I was at it I also made some deviled eggs with cumin, chili and paprika, nom nom. And some cream cheese, pickle, tex mex cheese roll ups. While this is probably mostly about the food and drinks for me I am hoping that I might actually learn some of the rules. Go team!



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