Day 34: Learn some new things in under half an hour

I’ve felt a brain numb in the last week or so, so it was time to get back on the learning wagon.  The internets is a wonderful source of all things entertainment but it also has lots of places to learn.  Today I went to a site I’ve never tried before  and found it’s a vast source of wonderful little tidbits.  I went to the BrainStuff section because you can learn some basic information on a subject in under five minutes (perfect for the lazy)

Here’s what I’ve learned:

What is in gum?  Rubber.  We’re chewing on rubber

Why is Friday the 13th considered unlucky? That goes back to the bible times.  Judas was alledgidely  the last to arrive at the last supper making him the 13th member.  And we all know how that ended up. Apparently all the bad stuff in the bible happened on a Friday, Eve ate the apple, the great flood, the crucifixion. Personally I like Fridays. 

Why do people have eyebrows? Diverts sweat from the eyes.  I actually already knew that one. 

Why do most zippers say YKK on them? It is the acronym for the Japanese company that invented them in the 30’s. 

Why doesn’t wordpress have a spellcheck function? Okay that’s not one of them, but really wordpress, why underline for me if you’re not going to help me fix it?  allegidly, allegadely, alegidly …. pfff whatever. 

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