Day 36: Take some time to view the blogs of followers

It’s been 36 days since I’ve joined wordpress and I really haven’t taken the time to get to know the features at all.  I know the basics but I haven’t taken the time to make my blog more appealing, publicize it to get more readers or even read any other of the other blogs on this site.  Maybe I’ll learn the features and make mine a bit more appealing some day but today is not that day.

Most of the people that  follow me are people I know but a few are followers that I don’t know. I decided that today would be the day that I check out the blogs of the followers I don’t know.  They’re all men.  Where my girls at?  Maybe I deter girls by saying things like “where my girls at?”

After reading the blogs of these men I have learned that they all have thousands of followers and are well written.  I’m not sure why they are following me unless they are attention whores that follow people with the expectation of being followed in return (I’m not following in return, jokes on you!….. maybe this is why I will never get thousands of followers)  Or maybe they’re actually reading….. there is slight possibility I guess.

I’d like to give out a shout out to all those random people that drop in occasionally to read but don’t follow.  High five for non-committal!!!!  I need to get my shit together for tomorrow, this post is a hot mess minus the hot. 

It’s vacation time, another vodka please!!!  *vodka*

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