Day 38: Stop being so gross and take care of your damn self

Yesterday I had the day off so by the time I actually looked in a mirror it was about 10am and for some reason I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue.  It was black.  I hadn’t eaten anything for over 12 hours and even then I hadn’t had anything black.  Thank you internets for telling me that Pepto-Bismol can turn your tongue black (which btw has never happened to me before).  The night before I was playing another super fun round of am I dying or is it heartburn so I took the Pepto-Bismol.  I had ordered pizza, had some vodka and also eaten some chips and dip.  My disgusting lifestyle indirectly turned my tongue black and that was a real awakening. Also an awakening is the ongoing and ever difficult battle I have every day with trying to do up my pants. So today was the day I started to take care of my damn self.  First step was getting rid of the cheesies, nachos and cheese I bought the day before…. and no I did not get rid of them by eating them.  The next step was doing an epic shop for healthy items.  Look at all those fruits and vegetables.  LOOK AT THEM!

ImageLet’s all take a moment to appreciate the awesomeness of the lunch I made for myself after the epic grocery shop.


I haven’t been doing very well at making my lunches for work lately.  Often times I will stuff a Cliff bar in my purse or buy something at Tim Horton’s or a cheap sub from the variety store across the street.  I’ve never had a lunch bag before so I though an insulated one that actually looked nice might encourage me to put in a little effort.  Here is my lovely new lunch bag:

ImageBeing the winter I haven’t put much of an effort into my feet since no one actually sees them but the peeling nail polish and catchy bits of dry skin that stick to my socks were getting to me.  I got a few things and now my feet are soft and pretty again.


A week and a half ago my winter boots developed a large hole in them which made them completely ineffective, well at least the one with the hole anyway. Since then I’ve been walking around in cold and snowy weather with a plastic bag over my left foot inside my boot.  I was quite fond of my old boots, they were only $50 and had cute little pom poms on them. The fact that they were only $50 might explain why they only lasted 1.5 winter seasons though. Today the plastic bag on my foot got a hole in it too so my foot got wet anyway.  Most places I went to are almost out of boots because apparently in the retail world it is already spring. I went to an outlet store and prepared myself to spend considerably more to get boots that would be comfortable, warm and long lasting.  The first pair I saw to try on had one pair left which was my size.  As I got my foot half way in I said “Oh my god it’s so comfortable and it’s not even half way in yet” (What’s what she said).  Once all the way in I knew there couldn’t be any other boot.  My feet have never been so comfortable before.  It’s as though they’re being caressed by supportive marshmallows.


Now I’m going to make an awesome dinner.  I’m going to panko coat some teriyaki tofu and have some fresh veggie sushi on the side.

I will not walk to the store in pajamas tonight to buy chips

I will not walk to the store in pajamas tonight to buy chips

I will not walk to the store in pajamas tonight to buy chips

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