Day 39: Watch an Olympic themed movie

Being the anti-sport I have of course never seen any Olympic themed movies before.  Actually I don’t even know how many Olympic themed movies there even are, maybe just the one.  Tonight I watched Cool Runnings for the first time ever and my God it was awesome. Doug E. Doug: awesome, John Candy: awesome, Canadian content: awesome, bar brawl: awesome…. the list goes on.

I liked the scenes filmed in Jamaica as well, the houses and landscape reminded me much of my time in Belize.  Two completely different countries and cultures I know but it brought back memories none the less. No matter what the country it seems Coca-Cola is everywhere.

I’m not going to lie, I fist pumped in the air at least three times during the movie.  I think number of fist pumps is going to be my new measure of movie greatness. Spoiler alert for those who have not yet seen this 1993 classic:

About the 3:50 mark is where I broke down.  I cried, it’s true.  While I tend to be particularly sensitive to begin with I think that anyone who watches this movie and did not cry at that part might very well not be a human being. Jesus Christ, they carried their sled across the finish line, c’mon!!!

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