Day 40: Become addicted to a lesbian show

I didn’t think I had spent all that much time watching television this weekend but somehow I’ve managed to fit in 6 one hour episodes of the L word. I’m behind the times yet again with this one, it came out (ha!) in 2004 and was recommended to me by a friend many years ago. I stumbled upon it on Netflix and thought to myself, I’ll just watch this one. It’s not that I didn’t think I’d like it but I have a few shows on the go already and didn’t want to commit to anything new.  It’s too late, they had me at one episode. It was like my new winter boot, I knew it was for me half way in.

I have lesbian friends, I know them, I like them but I think there are certain things I will never actually really know or ever ask.  Maybe this show won’t give me accurate answers but I think I’m learning things.  And the confidence with which these women put out their full on bushes is admirable. I don’t really want to write much more because I want to get back to my lesbian drama.  Thank you Stacie, I blame you.

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