Day 41: Start a dream journal

Before I start on today’s topic, let’s all take a moment to appreciate the fact that I packed my lunch for work today and I have not eaten take-out in five days. Here is tonight’s dinner:Image

Now let’s all move on:

I know many people who don’t remember their dreams at all which surprises me because I remember so many of mine.  They can quickly vanish from memory if you don’t consciously think or talk about them first thing upon waking up.  Dreams are funny things really, some people think that you can analyze them based on emotions, actions or objects.  I find that very interesting but I think it’s a little bit of bullshit. Here are some actual dream facts I read last night which are a little more believable to me than vague analyzing. I think the article title is a little far fetched but none the less the content is good.

In addition to remembering my them I am also fairly self aware during my dreams in that if I have a really horrific one I more often than not have the ability to tell my dream self that it’s not real and wake up to make it end. I’m quite impressed with myself for having mastered my sub-conscious to some degree. When I think about them the next morning I can usually trace one small part of that dream back to something I thought about that day with my mind weaving up the rest into some fantastical tale.

One thing that does happen to me often though is reoccurring dreams.  I would like to know why this happens and what if any the significance is of them.  I have three, the first has happened more times than I can count, the second or third just a few times.

1. I often dream that I’m back in high school and I have either missed the first day, don’t have my schedule, am late for class, get lost in the school and wander around never to find where I am going, didn’t do my homework or missed a test. This usually instills full on panic in me but luckily I am often able to regain control of my panic by reminding my dream self that I have a full time job and don’t really have a need or time for school anyway.

2. I see my parent’s under construction house in the country but it is completely different than it is in real life but what strikes me is that every time I dream about it it’s always the same.  I know what it looks like in real life and I know what it looks like in my dreams.

3. Another one about my parents: mostly my mother really.  It’s peculiar that I dream so much about my parents given I see them so infrequently. I dream that my mother is mother to my children and my children are my siblings. My mother is often making poor parenting choices or leaving the children alone in completely inappropriate settings and it is always me that is left to care for them.  In the end I always yell at her to say that’s it’s her job not mine to look after her children. It’s funny that as I write this I am just now remembering that I had one of these dreams last night.  We had gone to a hotel in a busy city and she took her fancy luggage off to the room while she left the children straggling and crying behind her.  I found them, held their hands and comforted them.

While I stick to my aforementioned position on dream meanings being a bit bullshit I could very easily take each one of those reoccurring dreams and analyze it without any resources but my own mind.

I’d like to keep track of my reoccurring dreams and also to remember the other peculiar things my brain does to me so I started my dream journal today.  I don’t know what I’ll ever do with it when I’m done, but for now I’ll just keep notes. It will make for a very entertaining read one rainy day.



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