Day 43: Attend a hair tutorial class

I knew today was going to be a good day because I started it by singing in the shower which I only ever do when I’m really happy.  I started off with Lana Del Rey then moved on to this: YES!

When I got to work I sent out an email to my co-workers inquiring about the whereabouts of my super awesome pen that went missing.  The thief brought it back, YES! Then I met with a client I’ve had for several months who always comes in smelling of beer.  Today was the first day he was clean shaven and didn’t smell like beer. YES! I spent some time working with the kids on their valentines then they spent some time helping me set the table without complaining. YES! Got to my hair tutorial tonight and there was wine and dessert. YES! All salon products were 25% off. YES!  All of these things combined into one very awesome day.

I saw the hair tutorial class on braids and buns on my salon FB page awhile ago and signed myself up immediately.  A have a few things I can do with my hair but really they’re pretty basic so I have a lot to learn.  I was super excited about it at first and then as the time drew nearer I became nervous.  I am comfortable at the salon and with the staff there but what I wasn’t comfortable with was a class of women I don’t know. I thought about cancelling many times throughout the day today but decided to follow through and I’m really glad I did.  All of the women were really nice and everyone seemed as clueless as I was. It was a bit like a sleepover of hot girls playing with each other’s hair and drinking wine.  I enjoyed myself, socialized a bit and learned some things which I am eager to try.  I think I’ll try the easiest one for tomorrow, milk maid braids. They’re planning a few more tutorial nights that I think I might try as well. 

To end off this fabulous day I’m listening to the My Morning Jacket – Dawn album.  If you haven’t heard him before, it’s pretty chill, awesome and a teensy tinsey bit Neil Young but not really.

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