Day 44: Have a text conversation with my dad

My dad has fairly recently switched from his analog cell phone to a smart phone and now has texting capabilities. He’s texted me once on Christmas day and that was it until today.  It started off asking me about cheese but to my surprise he continued to reply and we actually had a conversation about more than cheese. I can especially appreciate his efforts because I know he texts like he types, one finger at a time.

This is a bit of a cop out bullshit one to put as my new thing of the day but I’m okay with it.  Mon-Wed has been crazy at work and with my own evening activities and tomorrow is going to be much of the same.  It’s been a week of training and meetings involving having to be politically correct and wording things in a way people could handle them. I’m tired and have had enough so I’m going to put on pajamas, pour a glass of champagne, make myself a dang quesadilla and watch my lesbian show.

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