Day 45: Go out for dinner on a day that happens to be Valentines day

Today was a busy day:

Go to court with a client: check

Host the city manager at a participant group: check

Bandage a friend’s finger after they cut it and severed their artery before they go to the ER: check

Go out to dinner on a night that happens to be valentine’s day: check.  I don’t celebrate valentine’s day and I never have.  I’ve always told myself that it’s a hallmark holiday and that the people you really love should know that you love them every day not just on valentine’s day. I was at the market today and I saw man after man buying and carrying around flowers.  Did he actually want to buy his significant other flowers or did he feel like he had to buy them flowers?  Did she say she didn’t want anything but would really be pissed if he didn’t come home with anything?  Girls play bullshit games like that all the time. I tell myself it’s a bullshit holiday but the more I think about it the more I’ve decided that I want to be that girl that someone buys flowers for.  It doesn’t have to be flowers though.  I do love flowers but I would much rather it be something thoughtful and more personal than that.  I don’t know what that would mean really but I suspect the person buying should know what it would be.  Anyway, I digress. So I really love this Mexican place across the street, it’s small and delicious. I knew it was Valentine’s day but I refused to make a reservation.  The Mexican place is always quiet so I thought it wouldn’t be any problem getting a table.  I walked by and looked in the window and there they were….. a massively large wedding party.  Who the fuck gets married on Valentine’s day?  That is just gross. They stole my restaurant.  I went in anyway hoping for the best but was told there were no tables.  One waitress said to the other “she comes in so often (oh god, it’s true, I do) we should ask the chef if he’ll at least to take out for her”. They asked and he wouldn’t.  In the end I went to an irish pub and ate pub food for dinner.  It was greasy and delicious but now I feel gross.  At least it didn’t have any couples holding hands across tables over candlelight though. The Mexicans have really let me down tonight.


I should give credit to the lovely person who knows how much I love chocolate and did buy be a bouquet of
Chocolate truffle roses and some chocolate champagne truffle hearts. Nom nom

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