Day 47: try a natural remedy

If my children contract lice one more time I’m going to shave both of their heads. In the last several months there have been laundry, vacuuming and chemical shampooing extravaganzas. There’s been over $100 of shampoo used and many tears shed over that tiny knit comb.

I know our bodies are covered in tiny organisms that live and breed on us and the thought of that is disgusting but at least you can’t see them or feel them. Unlike those louse which cause you to scratch when they go for their little walks around your head.

I’m not sure if the children keep catching lice again and again or if it’s that they’ve never been fully killed off and they keep making a come back. Out of frustration I wanted to be 100% that they were all dead and all knits were removed so it was time to move on to some home remedies in addition to the shampoo. Home remedies can involve slathering your head with ether mayonnaise or olive oil, wrapping it in plastic wrap, covering with an old tshirt then sleeping in it. The point is that it will suffocate any louse left alive. The thought of unrefrigerated mayonnaise seems foul so I went with the olive oil. I didn’t see any in my hair but I treated mine too out of paranoia. Kids are gross.

And as an amendment to yesterday’s horror movie I’d like to report that my dreams last night were terrifying and unpleasant.

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