Day 49: Go into a wig store

When my grandmother was younger she used to wear blonde wigs all the time.  I’m not sure why she went the wig route instead of dying her hair, maybe she liked to mix it up. When she finally gave up and embraced her grey she gave me all six plus wigs in various lengths and styles to play with.  They came in a tall hat box with vertical stripes and rope handles. I kept it in the top of my closet and they were some of my favourite playthings. I had forgotten about them completely until this afternoon.

I have wanted to have a lovely unnatural hair colour for quite sometime. I’ve amassed a selection of candidates on my Pinterest hair board but have always been reluctant because of work.  There is no rule saying that I can’t have it any colour I want but like it or not people with different coloured hair will always be looked at differently than those with natural hair colours and it is important to me to maintain my professional appearance. I’ve been really liking blue lately so I decided that I should go the temporary route and explore the wig option. I had no idea but there are FIVE stores that sell wigs on my way home.  FIVE! I knew in advance that I was not the target audience for these stores.  The first one I went in had zero interest in paying me any attention much less helping me in anyway.  I left there and two doors down there was a cosplay store.  I went in and everyone was very helpful and they had lots of fun things.  Although the shade of blue they had was much less blue than I had been considering, I think it’s more subdued and probably more me anyway. It was cheaper than I thought so I bought it.  They also had a beautiful pale pink one on a sailor moon mannequin but it was out of stock (returning mid-March!)

I went in the next store on my way and they had a very vibrant blue one with bangs.  The woman in the shop was one of those kind people that has the magical ability to make you feel welcome, comfortable and included in the pre-existing conversation immediately.  She was so lovely and I stayed longer than I needed to but she helped me try it on and said nice things. “I really didn’t think that blue wig would look good on anyone but it suits you”. It was cheaper than the first but really how many blue wigs does one person need?!  I should probably see how often I wear the one I bought before making any other purchasing commitments.

Let’s pretend here is where the picture of the wig on my cat goes.  Every 3-4 years my laptop either gets stolen or I fuck it up so badly that it’s time to get a new one.  I think I’m reaching that mark 😦  My computer is doing some kind of twitchy thing every time I try to upload the picture. Aside from rebooting I literally have no idea what to do.  So TADA!!!! We’re done for today!

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