Day 51: Watch a TEDtalk

Today was frustrating for me and sometimes I allow my frustrations to turn into anger and resentment which takes away from the positive things that have happened during the day. I get very frustrated sometimes and today in particular with people’s poor work habits and lack of human decency.

I recognize that not everyone works in the same way and sometimes work can become overwhelming however if that is the case it is of my opinion that you either work late to complete your tasks, take a step back and ensure that you commit yourself to less so you’re not overwhelmed or ask for assistance at the time.  You don’t just not do the work then the next day when you’re not around expect other’s to do it for you. The downfall of a unionized environment is that that individual will always get the same pay as me. 

My other frustration of the day is that people choose to do a job in a sector that they clearly do not enjoy and as such do not provide excellent customer service or a positive work environment for those around them.  Let’s take for a completely random example people who work in public social services who dislike working with people.  The public sector is all about serving the public and social services is about providing that service to some of the most marginalized population in the city.  This means working in a non-judgemental, caring, supportive, positive and helpful manner.  If you are not supportive and do not wish to help people, social services is not the job for you.  Work in accounting or maybe landscaping because you’re not going to get rich in social services so it’s not like you couldn’t move on and least stop making everyone else so miserable on your tiny little power trips.

Those things got to me today.  I’m a positive person and I always try to see the best in people but sometimes there isn’t much to see. In the spirit of office politics hatred I decided to watch my first Tedtalk.  I chose Tedtalk: Life hacks episode three: The happy secret to better work.  The speaker was funny, kept me interested, was concise and really confirmed for me that the solution focussed method of work that we’re using is helpful for not just clients but staff.  I know I’m doing a good job and I need to remember to focus on my clients and myself.  I also need to accept that sometimes I am going to have to do the work of others and I am going to have to advocate for my clients against people in my office that are supposedly meant to have the same goal.  At least in the end I will be happy with myself and I’m fairly confident that they are not.


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