Day 52: Go to an NBA game

I’ve never seen a basketball game ever, not even on tv.  There are two things I know about basketball

1. The scores are high, usually in the 80’s or 90’s

2. You can’t walk without bouncing the ball, that is called travelling.

Now that I’ve seen a real game I don’t think there is actually much more to know.  The crowd was very diverse which made for excellent people watching and I liked the music which played for about 50% of the time of play. I think all sports are more awesome to watch with good music although I can’t think of any music that would make golf any better.

Here is the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario:



One on four, still scored.


Given the diverse audience I think they would do well to hire some male dancers.


Bitches love orange Gatorade.  TIL I’m a bitch.


The unsung hero of the game: The ass sweat mopper and his supervisory committee


  On the way home the bus driver was going very quickly on the highway and hit a large bump sending all the adults in the back including me, flying up in the air and giggling with delight.  It’s strange but probably the best part of the night was sharing those moments of accidental happiness with strangers on the bus.

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