Day 53: Let a stranger choose your next novel

As with my musical taste I enjoy a broad spectrum of literature.  I can’t say that I have a favourite author or even genre, I am open to reading new things. Of course I have some books that I have enjoyed more than others but it’s a rare event when I dislike a book so much that I don’t finish it. That I can think of this has happened only once and that was “The Shack”.  Sometimes books don’t interest me that much and I’ll just kind of leave them sit on my bedside table for so long that I have forgotten what I’ve already read so I just don’t pick it up again.

This afternoon I went into a lovely little privately owned new and used bookstore. There were a couple chairs at the front by the window and randomly placed antiques, art and oddities. I browsed for about 10 minutes while having a conversation with my talkative five year old companion which was clearly audible to the owner since we were the only ones in there.  I asked the owner what her favourite book in the store was and she said it was an early edition Hemingway which she had just sold the day before. I told her I wanted to choose my book for me.  She took a few minutes of thinking and looking around and chose a book called ” lullabies for little criminals” for me.  I was going to buy it regardless but I glanced over the back cover to see that one of the characters is addicted to heroin.  Given my work she made a very fitting choice for me.  Although the book looks new it obviously isn’t because the price was $8.50 instead of the marked price of $17.50 on the back cover.  I am very much looking forward to starting it.

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