Day 60: not everything you buy has to be the best

I don’t know why I’ve always liked having higher priced electronics that I don’t necessarily need especially given how not tech savvy I am.
Maybe it’s my parents fault. I remember when I was in grade 5 they bought a CD player for their stereo and no one I knew had a clue what a cd was.
At the end of high school I bought myself a clear blue pager. I bought it because I was working shifts and was often house sitting for vacationing family so I wanted to be accessible. Mostly friends just used it to page me “boobies”.
After college I felt the need to get one of the first MP3 players which cost me $500 and held about 12 songs.
When I got married in 2002 instead of a honeymoon we spent $3500 on a computer and $2000 on a new fridge.
In retrospect those were some poor decisions. Except for the pager of course because that was awesome.
My current laptop is three years old and really the specs aren’t bad on it 4GBram and 600GB memory. It did however have a few problems. The screen is broken so I have to use it on the tv, photoshop runs slowly and occasionally freezes and it gets hot as hell and the fan runs constantly. While it wasn’t that bad I decided it was time for a new one. They had some very lovely ones with all the best of everything and fun touch screens, but really in the end did I need all that? No. There isn’t any point in spending money I don’t have on things i don’t need. In the end my new computer is an HP envy with 8GBRAM and 1TB of memory. It also has some sort of graphics card which will apparently help with my usage of Photoshop. Not selling points but added bonuses are the backlit keyboard and beats audio. Now through the magic of technology my old and new computers are sharing stuffs for the next several hours via network connection.

Amendment to Mary poppins:
That movie is 2 hours and 19 minutes long but miraculously the kids watched it all. Also miraculous was that they didn’t ask what invading hottentots were.


3 thoughts on “Day 60: not everything you buy has to be the best

  1. Just admit you still carry around that pager … God $3500 for a computer, you could probably buy out Blackberry with that type of cash. Lifestyles of the rich and famous I guess 🙂

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