Day 61: Be reflective. Be be reflective

Anniversaries come in all sorts, dates of the good things and of the bad.  They are a time to be pensive and reminisce. Today just so happened to be one of my anniversaries.

Whoever says that people don’t change is a liar.  Everyone changes and grows based on their life circumstances and challenges.  Sometimes when people change they adapt and grow together and sometimes their paths stray and don’t run parallel anymore.  This doesn’t constitute as a failure on anyone’s part but is simply a side effect of life. If you can carry on being supportive, working together and maintaining a sense of human decency and caring there is nothing to be ashamed of. This doesn’t mean that it’s easy.  Change is never easy.  What is easy is to leave things the same and stay in your comfort zone.

I spent some of today thinking of things that went right and things that could have been done differently. In retrospect one can always say “I could have tried harder” but you can’t go back and change things so there isn’t much point in dwelling on things that you cannot change.

Sometimes you carry on and don’t acknowledge much of a change but then you do something and it really hits you of the finality of things.  Today I was filling out a form and  had to check off the box that best applied to my situation.  I checked off a new box and thought “shit, I guess that’s me now”.

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