Day 63: Celebrate pancake Tuesday

When I woke up this morning I thought it was Wednesday and when I found out otherwise I was disappointed. But then I realized that Fat Tuesday was the same thing as pancake Tuesday. My mother always used to make pancakes for dinner on pancake Tuesday.  I like to believe that this day has nothing to do with religion and is simply a celebration of the awesomeness that is the pancake. I took this opportunity to create some new flavour concoctions. I made lemon blueberry, honey orange and peanut butter and jam pancakes.  Here they are in their respective heaps:

ImageNo I did not eat them all. I topped them off with some Quebec maple syrup and called it dinner. The peanut butter and jam ones were the most flavourful and were unique but I really loved the lemon blueberry ones best followed closely by the honey orange.  I’m a sucker for citrus.

I hope no one forgot that today was pancake Tuesday and made themselves a normal dinner because that would be ever so disappointing.

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