Day 64: Give hot drinks a chance

Have you ever played is it pot or is it a skunk before?  Of course you have, everyone has.  Moments ago I played a new game called is it pot or is it brussel sprouts.  I had no idea that this was a thing until just now.  I’m still not sure what it was but either way that person is a winner in my books. 

Anyone who is real life friends with me knows that I don’t like hot drinks.  People seem to find it strange that I don’t like them, I’m not sure why.  I guess it’s one of the things that separates adults from children that I never grew into. I was invited over by a friend who is quite passionate about her hot drinks, tea in particular to sample an assortment of hot beverages for my review. As my luck would have it I was invited over for dinner as well which by the way was surprisingly amazing based on what I saw going into that baking dish. 

My drink lineup began with decaf coffee with milk and sugar, pan brewed hot chocolate with milk, milky oolong tea, a 1998 pu erh tea with milk and sugar, green tea and orange peeko.  The coffee was not as awful as I remembered it being and kind of tasted like chocolate.  I might have been just associating the flavour because I would only ever taste coffee in a coffee crisp (my favourite chocolate bar).  The hot chocolate was of course easy to drink being chocolate and all.  Oolong smelled buttery and amazing but tasted bland and watery as did the other teas if I’m honest.  I’m clearly not a tea girl. I can appreciate that some people enjoy tea and can notice how each blend varies by age, region, soil etc. and I know that some of the teas I had tonight are expensive but I just don’t see me ever liking them.  

Maybe hot drinks are an acquired taste.  Can you believe that there was ever a time when I didn’t like wine?!  I can’t, it seems like a sad distant memory. Aside from the caffeine part of coffee though I can’t see any benefit whatsoever in me trying to make myself acquire that taste, that’s what Pepsi or red bull is for. Holding a warm mug on a cold evening was quite enjoyable though.

Thank you to my lovely friend for the efforts and I hope you weren’t too disappointed that I am not converted.  A few months ago I told one of my friends to try this greek baklava at a restaurant we go to and she didn’t like it.  I was shocked and couldn’t understand how someone would not like it because to me it’s amazing.  People are passionate about what they love and want to share that love with others.  I hope someday to find that someone who loves greek baklava as much as I do and will get sticky with me.


2 thoughts on “Day 64: Give hot drinks a chance

  1. You wouldn’t fare well in Downton Abbey. Coincidentally, I tried baklava for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and while my daughter described it as, “disgusting and tasty at the same time”, I on the other hand am down for getting sticky.

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