Day 77: Buy a light therapy lamp

I felt so shitty yesterday that I didn’t even post this and now I have to do two in one day. Like most North Americans I am completely sick of this long cold winter and I long for the sun on my face and warm breeze. At this point in the year I think that even people who don’t suffer from depression are experiencing seasonal affective disorder.  I think this Rick Mercer skit sums it up nicely

I can’t blame it entirely on the weather but it certainly isn’t helping.  I could probably make a small list of things that combined together have created a figuritive pile of shit feeling. I can’t make massive life changes and so I can choose to do little things to make myself feel better.  One of them is buying a light therapy lamp.  It may not make a difference but it couldn’t hurt to try. I have the Phillips wake up light alarm clock which I have used for years and wouldn’t want to live without.  It emulates the sunrise and wakes you up in a more natural way instead of the horrible start you get from usual alarms. I’m fond of it so maybe I’ll be fond of the light therapy lamp as well.  I chose this one based on it’s reviews and it’s relatively low cost.

It’s already shipped and will make a lovely addition to my desk.

Another little thing I tried was to connect with the one person who I know can always pull me out of my funks.  In retrospect I don’t think the chips and dip I ate for dinner were particularly helpful but one thing at a time.

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