Day 78: Call out a coworker on their shit

It is a pet peeve of mine when a coworker doesn’t agree with your decision but says nothing to you personally about it or ask any questions.  Two days ago a coworker at another office location didn’t like my decision, said nothing to me but went to her manager who in turn went to my manager.  My manager upheld my decision and explained why we have that particular process in place.  Apparently this coworker still didn’t agree and called one of my teammates and ran the situation by them as well.  They secretly asked to make sure I wasn’t within audible distance when the call was made.

We are adults working in a responsible adults position and I’d like to believe that the behind the back shit wouldn’t happen anymore.  Clearly some of us are more adult than others.  I gave myself the evening to mull it over and composed an email to this coworker this morning. I made sure that they knew that I was aware that they went behind my back and that I prefer to be directly consulted with any issues that they have.  I was incredibly diplomatic about it but if she reads between the lines she will see me giving her a big FUCK YOU finger. 

My light therapy lamp from Amazon just arrived.  It’s free delivery and I only ordered it yesterday.  Amazon you awesome!

2 thoughts on “Day 78: Call out a coworker on their shit

  1. I think Amazon shipped the lamp before you even ordered it. Oh, and hopefully this co-worker of yours isn’t following your blog … or maybe it would be better if they did 🙂

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