Day 79: attend a charity event

This is probably rude that I’m typing this while at a table but no matter. I’m at an event raising money for a hospitals mental health work, it’s very stag and doe style with raffles, a band, a bar oh and a tarot card reader.
The friend that I came with and I were hit on by a father and son drunken duo. I’m pleased to say I got the son (23 cheesus! A wee baby) I’ve learned that men who work physical jobs find women in plaid shirts who know where to put the cuts in a tree to chop it down a turn on. They will buy you drinks. You will talk to them, and then you will hide away and wait for them to then seek out slutty looking girls in your stead. Wait, what does that say about me?!!
So I saw the tarot card reader. I think they are bullshit and I’m a non believer. I know they try and say general things that could apply to all but I’ll be damned if she didn’t peg me perfectly. I got to ask her two questions and I was very unhappy with the answer she gave me to my first question. I guess she’s not here to make me happy though.
We took pictures with Middle Aged peoples cameras and danced to the tunes of Mumford and sons and great big sea.
Goddamn you half Japanese girls!

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