Day 80: Buy a bathing suit online

I probably do about 80% of my shopping online.  It requires no transportation, I don’t have to talk to anyone and I don’t have to carry whatever it is I’ve bought around.  One thing I’ve never bought online is a bathing suit. As any woman knows bathing suit shopping is a horrible process involving feeling terrible about yourself over and over again. Sometimes you don’t want to come out of the change room and sometimes it ends in tears.  There are a few places in the mall to get a bathing suit but they’re all really just different versions of the same generic thing and so I took to the internets.

A friend has asked me to do laps with her a few times a week over our lunch hour.  I am not a very good swimmer at all even thought I started lessons when I was 3. I remember clinging to my mother’s leg the very first class and quite possible several classes after that. I passed the lessons but I probably failed a lot of them and got moved to the next level because the instructors were tired of me. I’d like to think that I wasn’t alone in my fear of there being sharks in the deep end. I knew they weren’t in the pool when I got in, but once I was in I couldn’t help but think there was an underwater tunnel that the sharks would swim through to end up in the pool and go on a feeding frenzy of all the children that were slow swimmers. I hope there is a lap lane for the slow ass barely afloat swimmers, because that is where I need to be.

To avoid nip slips I thought a one piece bathing suit made the most sense and to avoid looking completely awful I needed a nice suit. Welcome to the internets!  Here is the one I finally decided on:

Look at that adorable bum!!  I may even go swimming in heels and full hair and makeup to complete the look.  I made the mistake of looking over the rest of the site.  I need to win the lottery or find myself a sugar daddy and/or mommy to get me some of those fabulous dresses and shoes. *sigh*

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