Day 81: Try Chatroulette

For those who don’t know, chatroulette is a video chat site that randomly connects you with people from around the world.  I had read that most users are men and I learned that it is true.  My first chatters were a group of five guys from Canada, next was a man from the US followed by another man from Morocco. I stopped after him.

Many years ago I met someone in the chat rooms of Napster and we quickly became friends.  Our ongoing friendship now about 13 years later has resulted in my numerous trips to England a couple on his part to Canada. This was of course well before the days that one had to worry about meeting up with someone who would turn out to be an axe murderer.  Maybe I should have worried about it, I think axe murderers have been around for awhile.  None the less, sometimes you have to have a little faith and hope that someone doesn’t kill you in your sleep.

I was nervous about chatting with strangers but realized that there really isn’t any downside.  You can disconnect whenever you want and since I will never see these people again there is no need to fix yourself up if you don’t want to.  I was on in all my messy hair, no makeup and pants undone glory. I actually forgot that my pants were undone until after I logged off. It ended up being really fun and everyone that I met seemed pleasant and happy. One person even managed to make me smile and laugh quite a few times.  I imagine that sometimes you connect and there is just a hairy pair of testicles smushed up against the camera but I didn’t have the fortune of experiencing that. Today anyway.

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