Day 83: Visit a new friend’s store

Today was my day to man up, get my shit together and get off the damn couch. I did a thorough clean of my place ( fresh sheets too thank you very much), fixed myself up and joined the real world outside.  It was very cold, that part was unpleasant.

Over my frequent visits to the nearby Mexican restaurant my usual server and I had been getting to know each other. She’s very lovely, has a boyfriend in Japan and a store in a trendy part of downtown. The last time I was there we introduced ourselves properly and I told her I’d come by her store.  Here we are about three weeks later and I decided to visit her.

She owns a sewing shop that is filled with just the right amount of vintage furniture so it’s not too hipster and shelves full of very pretty fabric that I envision myself making flowy summer dresses from.  If I could sew that is. It also has a few machines where they host classes for people like me that can’t do much beyond sewing buttons and tiny holes. Sew what?  Sew buttons!

I chatted with Liz for awhile, bought something and signed up for something but more on those another day. It must be really nice to spend your day in such a pretty shop, sewing between customers and chatting with nice people.


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